Stuttgart, 15.1.2019
PAF Performing Arts Festival Berlin 2019
Performative VR Posters
Invited competition, not relised

Plakat (Performative Posters)
Virtual Reality (VR)

In the digital application, the posters offer a virtual extension in the artistic form of being dynamic in performing. Forms and identity develop freely in the digital and create infinite variations of visual actions and activities. The animation is accessable via smart devices or in digital environments such als social media and internet.

Terms such as group, individual, collective, action, reaction, diversity, surprise, fascination, chaos, dynamics, zeitgeist and generative power are all included in the language of visual communication. Terms for the festival communication and identity of the PAF in Berlin 2019.

Extracted frames from the animations as recorded chapter pages could be applied as “visuals” on walls of venues entrace locations, orienting and attention-increasing. The designs evolve/performe in the digital (web, social media, etc.) have another virtual quality, a playground of forms, an action in itself.


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