ABOUT POP Conference 2022 of the PopBüro of the State Capital Stuttgart
Marc Engenhart together with Duc-Thi Bui and Tobi Müller moderated by Isabel Thalhäuser talks about the impact of pop culture on media, society and technology.
ABOUT POP Conference 2022, 23-24 July 2022

Pop culture is the leading culture of our time. It creates utopias, ideas and social concepts that become discourses of the present. (…) The ABOUT POP conference is a space for exchange with and for actors, artists, enthusiasts and fans of pop culture and pop music to discuss and renegotiate the issues of our time. (…) Source: Popbüro Stuttgart 2022

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Marc Engenhart & Sebastian Löwe publish “Design and Artificial Intelligence” on 15 October 2022 (Birkhäuser/De Gruyter)

Intelligent machines are no longer merely the stuff of science fiction; we are already surrounded by a multitude of intelligent applications. For example, the information feeds of large social media platforms are compiled and designed for individual users by means of algorithms. This often-unnoticed process in design practice contrasts conspicuously with a glaring gap in terms of the design-centered practice of application-oriented, AI-based design.

This book shows how designers’ tasks, roles, and understanding expand when machines take on design decisions and when the concept and practice of what we call creativity fundamentally shifts. Thus, this book adds to our knowledge of how designers can apply machine learning productively.

ISBN 978-3-0356-2554-7

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Marc Engenhart publishes together with Prof. Dr. Sebastian Loewe
the proceedings of the dai digital conference 2020

We are pleased to announce that the proceedings of the ‘First Conference on Design with Artificial Intelligence’ are completed and available (free of charge) at

With contributions by Jennifer Heier, Patrick Hebron, Qian Yang, Rebecca Fiebrink, Andreas Refsgaard, Gerhard Anger, Andreas Muxel, Elias Naphausen, Jan-Henning Raff, Anika Meier, Manuel Rossner, Klaus Neuburg, Simon Nestler, Sven Quadflieg, Marc Engenhart and Dr Sebastian Loewe.

ISBN 978-3-00-068634-4

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Orientation Workshop with Marc Engenhart
Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences Summer Semester 2021
Communication and Environment

Marc Engenhart leads an experimental workshop on “Design-Handcraft vs. GAN” as part of the Lab Week at Rhine Waal University of Applied Sciences.

Nomination for the German Music Video Award of the 67th Oberhausen Short Film Festival for Der Plan “I want to sing like Ella”.

Together with Duc-Thi Bui, Marc Engenhart developed a music video for the Düsseldorf band Der Plan, which deals with the phenomenon of lyric video and the zeitgeist reception of music and music creation. A current software model of the transformer GPT-2 (OpenAI) was used for the music and lyrics that Der Plan composed at the end of the 1990s as the robot band project “Fanuks”. Trained as a neuronal network, it can analyse texts live and output text-semantic corresponding answers to the lyrics of the piece of music in purely typographic form.

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Marc Engenhart and Prof. Dr. Sebastian Löwe host the dai digital conference 2020

The conference Designing with Artificial Intelligence 2020 aims to bring together a diverse audience of design practitioners, design managers, design theorists, design leaders, and interdisciplinary thinkers interested
in questions that result from designing both with and for machine learning algorithms and assist systems. Machine-intelligent systems and processes are no longer simply science fiction. Users are now surrounded by an
overwhelming amount of digitally intelligent applications.

These applications, while running seamlessly in the background of customer-centered products and hence going unnoticed by users, become deeply influential in the design of digital products’ user experiences. This pervasive implementation contrasts starkly with the absence of digitally intelligent applications in the critical academic discussion of applied AI-based design practices.

The digital conference “Designing with Artificial Intelligence” aims to bring together a diverse audience of design practitioners, design managers, design theorists, design leaders, and interdisciplinary thinkers interested in the questions resulting from designing both with and for machine learning algorithms and assist systems.

A detailed description and information about the speakers you find on:
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PLDC – Rotterdam Professional Lighting Design Convention 2019
»Intelligent Lighting Futures« – Marc Engenhart at Professional Lighting Design Convention 2019 in Rotterdam
26. October 2019

How AI is likely to broaden the lighting world: artificially intelligent surfaces, modular kinetic lighting, speculative design and smart lighting. Marc Engenhart will share his perspective of the role »designing lighting with intelligence« will play in the future and show prototypes that resulted from his design research to widen perspectives.

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»Design for a prosperous Europe«
Engenhart publishes program

How does a design studio support the European Union? What possibilities and methods are there for this? The team of Engenhart has thought about how they can support projects and ideas that are supported by the European Union with their competence of a design studio. The studio has now published a programme in which clients are invited to present project ideas or already planned projects that need to be professionally designed. The program now offers a project discount of 30% to 50%. In relation to the current political situation and the upcoming European elections, a model has been created that can directly promote ideas and contribute to the improvement of design quality and information transfer.

The University of Edinburgh – Partner University of PLDC 2019
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»Symphonia Universalis #SU – how we engineer human-machine-intuition through music«
Marc Engenhart
Berlin, 15th and 16th of Mai 2019

»There is sound, in past present and of course our future. People talk about a universal sound, scientists proclame that sound could be the groove of life. Some proclaim that all living creatures in our organic world are fused by sound to exist, behave, learn and predict. In this talk Marc will present his concept of a man-machine study called #SU. How he found the idea, how he is realising it. How the team engineers a artificial persona and anima through code in a intelligent neural network installation. And finally how this will be installed in 2020.«

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Marc Engenhart talk @ Photokina Cologne 2018
»The sorrows and pleasures of designer´s life«
Synology Germany, Hall 5.1, A28
27.9.2018, 4 pm

In this talk, Marc Engenhart speaks about the tragedies and moments of happiness in his work as a designer. About the success of product and big companies, and why, in the best case scenario, we soon no longer have to worry about our own data because we can take care of nicer things.

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Posterworkshop with Marc Engenhart
Hochschule für Gestaltung, HfG
Schwäbisch Gmünd

What does ethical responsibility mean and how far can designers go? Marc Engenhart will lead a workshop at Laborwoche HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd University of applied sciences. Results will be presented on Friday 25th of November 2017.


Los Logos 8, Book 2017
Editor, gestalten Berlin

Gestalten Berlin releases Los Logos 8 and features among a international selection of cutting edge logo designs two projects by Engenhart.

»Los Logos 8 is the authoritative reference on contemporary logo design. As with previous editions of Gestalten’s indispensable Los Logos series, this expertly curated collection is both a guide to the latest innovations and a prognostication of coming trends. This edition looks further into the ever-changing world of this vital element of branding: the logo. An inevitable task on a designer’s artistic and professional timeline, designing a logo is a lively and explorative mission. The fully indexed compendium showcases an unparalleled selection of cutting-edge examples from around the globe.(…)
Source: Gestalten 2017

Featured: PLAYTIMEFeatured: Kulturmanagement Network GmbH


Eventdesign YEARBOOK 2017/2018
Editors Sabine Marinescu & Janina Poesch, AVEDITION

»With this yearbook, the authors present, informatively and with a wealth of images, more than 50 successful examples where both digital innovation and personal encounters are the focus of the concept. Through numerous interviews with specialists in the sector, they venture a look into the future, in order to ask quite exclusively: “What is actually ‘the next big thing’?”«
Quelle: AVEDITION 2017


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