For over ten years, the studio and its founder, Marc Engenhart, have created innovative design
concepts, including corporate designs, stage designs, multisensory systems, interfaces, prototypes,
objects, augmented and virtual reality (ar/vr), websites, apps, films, books and magazines.

Our clientele comprises individuals, intellectuals, performing artists, museums, businesses, and,
of course, ourselves. Engenhart has won numerous awards in the area of design and art.


Marc Engenhart studied graphic arts and communication design in Ravensburg, Germany.
He is also a musician and an artist. Until now he works as head of design in his studio
Engenhart * Bureau for design in Stuttgart, opening a think tank in Berlin and as a
consultant in AI, especially argumented and virtual reality design.

Marc Engenhart is a member of BDG, professional association of german communication designers,
of aed Stuttgart Germany, the German Society for Design Theory and Research (DGTF) and the
Type Directors Club of New York (tdc).
He teaches communication design as an adjunct lecturer at universities of applied sciences.

Marc Engenhart´s Linkedin Profil.


Engenhart offers conceptual and design solutions. Our work comprises client-specific
consulting, project planning and project realization in all areas of visual and verbal
communication. We design for companies, individuals, artistic and cultural ventures,
for the world of business and for an intercultural society. We specialize in guiding
our clients through corporate design processes and producing the results in digital
and classic media. »Engenhart * Energizing Identities«


As communication designers, we transform complex and confusing systems or
structures into simple, intuitive interfaces in both digital and classic media.


Engenhart laboratory is a liquid audiovisual unit creating stories, experiences,
sound, soul, tension, context, colour, noise, floors, object, thoughts, scent, place by space.
This is the unexpected area.


Many factors play a substantial role in shaping every project we work on. These include:
graphic design; brand identity; marketing and psychological aspects; language, sounds
and nuances; social, cultural, societal and business structures; the client’s philosophy;
architectural contexts; preexisting and historical templates; as well as the client’s
aspirations in a national, European or international context.

We synthesize these factors into unique, immediately recognizable messages that speak
our clients’ language and reach their respective target audience. Our design solutions
are always based on strong, clear, justifiable and plausible concepts. While carrying out
projects, we aim for functionality, visual and textual quality, and sustainable market


Our clients acquire enduring identities which enable them and their products to prevail
in fiercely competitive environments, whether in cultural or business circles or on the
free market. Their quality attracts attention. They become visible, unique and authentic.
They become valuable. Long-term value leads to long-term success. Our goal is to
increase value for our clients and their customers with regard to their identity, their
idea or their product.

Profile of Engenhart / Download (PDF 1.3 MB)


In recent years, our studio has received over 50 prestigious international design awards
in recognition of our commitment to excellence and the high quality of our creations.
We are doubly delighted: this means praise for our work and glory for our clients.


Martin Berkemeier
Timo Brauchle
Robert Burtzik
Sebastian Chalupka
Jessica Chau
Verena Engenhart
Nico Hensel
Julian Hölzer
Caroline Huber
Pascal Magino
Daniel Maier
Yiqing Meng
Laura Nagel
Jonas Pavlicek
Clarissa Pflüger
Angela Schneider
Robert Seidel
Katharina Szilágyi
Katrin Wetzel
Benedikt Wöppel

The German Society for Design Theory and Research (DGTF)
Type Directors Club of New York.
Berufsverband der Kommunikationsdesigner (BDG).
aed (architecture, engineering and design) Stuttgart.

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