Stuttgart, 13.4.2018
Manaomea GmbH Corporate Identity & Digital

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Our atmosphere is thin and delicate, in constant motion, and hitherto unique. When seen from space, its fragility is apparent. It is what we breathe – and where we live. The abundance of life forms and day-to-day activities it contains are myriad. Each individual activity is integral to the entire system and has an effect.

Every decision to create a new product or develop a concept changes the system in its own distinctive way. Manaomea wants to change the world for the better: Their mission starts with products that have their own story. Products from which new houses can be built; products which lead to conversations, and which inspire joy.

Products which fundamentally connect people and instill a sense of responsibility toward our planet: to keep this natural system healthy, species-rich and alive. Manaomea’s products are messengers of an intuitive way forward. They stand for beauty, sustainability and the future we all desire.

For ideas are magic, and the impetus behind every process culminates in a created work that becomes a part of our world, preferably created in a sustainable way and reflecting the highest principles. After many years of experience in the aerospace industry, the founders are channeling their patented technology and their know-how into the creation of viable products.

Manaomea have started with a line of pencils made of the finest natural graphite wrapped in recycled thread, natural fibres, textile scraps and a self-produced organic polymer. Each is natural and one of a kind, an alchemic transmutation from waste to treasure, ready to write wondrous tales: So that tools can be a treat to use; so that people can work under fair trade conditions; so that even better ideas can evolve; and so that breathing clean air never becomes a luxury.

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