Berlin, 6.6.2012
Symposium of FU Berlin, Theaterwissenschaften
»Aging Body in Dance«

Invitation Card/Brochure
Screens for lectures

Client: Freie Universität Berlin,
Institut für Theaterwissenschaft
Partner of the client:
Japanisches Kulturinstitut Köln,
Japan Foundation

The designs for the symposium illustrate abstract forms of cherry blossom in a delicate shimmering appearance. The color choice is subtle and delicate, fine as the aesthetics of conscious movement in space and through body and time.

When the bud of the cherry blossom opens at the beginning, it is almost white and undefiled. In the course of its flowering, it forms fine curved lines on the edges of its leaves, darkening with pink inside. It is splendidly mottled to the point of blooming and shimmering in this color tone. It is a symbol of strength, of joy, of life, of beauty, of departure and transience until its advanced age. She is dying in dignity, dancing down to earth.

All designs show this symbol as the basis of the visual representation. Partly combined with a silouette of a body that can not be interpreted as a man or woman in a strong expression of body, mind and gesture. In the poster filigree lines wet the pure white surface – a map of the body. The dynamic of movement is wise and pure, conscious and skillful, sublime and at the same time full of devotion to the beauty of life and nature. Transience and enjoyment of vitality are directly related to the shape of the linear body.

The fine line is the lifeline, the cycle, the way and the image, like the abstract map of a statement in physical form. For the viewer, the composition is a visual representation and an easily recognizable symbol of an “aging body in dance”. A visual bridge to the symposium in the Uferstudios.

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