Stuttgart, 15.08.2010
Editorial Design/Lifestyle/Magazine TRENDBOOK
Client: J.7 group gmbh

TRENDBOOK Nummer 1/2009
TRENDBOOK Nummer 2/2009
TRENDBOOK Nummer 1/2010
TRENDBOOK Nummer 2/2010
TRENDBOOK Nummer 1/2011 – Jubilee Issuu
TRENDBOOK Nummer 2/2011
TRENDBOOK Nummer 1/2012

»A magazine talking about fashion/style/trends in a authentic way! Plus new collections of the german styling specialist J-7 Group for man, women and kids. New designers, individuals, reports of new trends, personalities, accessoires, music and lifestyle. The trendbook combines extrem individuality with smart fine tunes. We are not a requirement of the mass market. Style is unique and must be composed.«

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