Berlin, 8.2.2012
Chamber Music Series at Literaturhaus Berlin
Visual Identity

Invitation Cards

Client: Yoel Gamzou & Café im Literaturhaus, Berlin

In 2012, the Literaturhaus Berlin will commence a chamber music series featuring soloists from the International Mahler Orchestra. Handcrafted posters and invitations, each stamped with an original seal that signifies the concerts of the International Mahler Orchestra, will be distributed at the Literaturhaus in an exclusive, limited edition. Their typography appears to be traditional, immediately evoking the turn of the 20th century and the historical vigour of this landmark of Berlin’s cultural scene. At the same time, the overall design is a vibrantly fresh and modern composition of typographic and graphic elements; in its form and function as an invitation, it speaks to each individual guest.

The connection between the “soloists” and an “evening of chamber music” is both underscored and communicated by the seal on the personal invitations. While the limited seats in the main hall of the Literaturhaus are already in great demand, the personal invitation is intended to enhance their appeal. A picture frame from the 19th century hangs on an old brocade tapestry; at the end of each concert, it will hold the announcement for the next. In this unique spot, visitors are invited to come back and visit again. The organizers have deliberately refrained from printing masses of flyers and other promotional material. After the opening concert, the audience will seek out this unique spot to find out when the next concert will take place.

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