Stuttgart, 10.11.2011
Visual Identity for the production
MARKE MENSCH: Das Bildnis des Dorian Gray

Poster *
Cutting & Sound

Client: Freies Ensemble SpielZeugen
Photography Portraits: Marc Engenhart
Photography Documentary: Bildhübsche Fotografie
Camera/Film: Lothar Heinrich & Andreas Körner

»Youth! Youth!
There is nothing else in this world but youth!«

Dorian Gray is a symbol of Beauty. He personifies all the attributes that the modern human desires: He is young, rich and attractive. In the performance piece MARKE MENSCH// (Human Brand), the SpielZeugen improvisational ensemble sets out to explore the theme of beauty, whereby three actresses and a classical musician will transform several storeys of a gallery into an experimental stage. What fashions our conception of the ideal image? Is it our own age? Our own attractiveness? And who or what sets the standards?

The posters depict the three actresses in a super-symmetric portrait. Since antiquity, likenesses in this style have been considered quintessentially “beautiful”. As a digital rendition, the pictures acquire a disturbing and subtly lifeless quality that makes them seem grotesque. The images are set against a sterile white background, and upon them a haptic, sculptured typography meanders in black. It recalls wrinkles, cuts and injected substances, winding in fine, tight coils reminiscent of DNA, spirals, threads and plastic surgery, impressions that also apply to and are applied in cosmetic procedures. The arrangement of the posters in a triptych brings new focus to the lack of identity inherent in the picture of Dorian Gray—a soulless image. “Youth! Youth! There is nothing in the world but youth!“

* German Design Award 2014 – Nominee
* iF communication design award 2013 – Award
* Joseph Binder Award 2012 of designaustria – Bronze
* 100 beste Plakate 11 Deutschland Österreich Schweiz – Finalist 2011
* Graphis Poster Annual 2015 – Gold

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