Stuttgart, 16.02.2013
Communication materials for PODIUM Festival 2013

Consulting and Concept
Information papers
Video trailers

The PODIUM Festival is a young, European music festival dedicated to repositioning classical music in our culture. Dance, music, theatre, experimental genres and youth culture all play vital roles in this endeavour. The posters express this mixture of music and performing arts in a manner that appeals to all ages.The images in the poster series were shot in public spaces, offering an optical counterpoint to more familiar and classic poster media. Their depiction lets the images float, rising to another level in the representation of music. It diffuses, embraces, renders weightless and without limits. The gestures of the people and the details of their clothing and accessories convey the Podium concept of repositioning classical music, which emerged from modern youth culture. By capturing bodies in unusual twisting motions, the posters are dynamic and eye-catching. The stark black and white contours of the images create a powerful characteristic style. By this simple device, the classic black-and-white subjects become a graphical form beyond mere black-and-white pictures; in conjunction with the Podium logo, they become a visual trademark.

Podium junger Musiker e.V.
PODIUM Musikstiftung
Photography: Steffen Müller Fotografie mit Marc Engenhart

* Graphis Poster Annual 2015 – Auszeichnung/Merit

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