Stuttgart, 30.03.2020
PAB-Research Hamburg
(Participatory Art Based Research)
HafenCity Universität Hamburg

»Participatory Scientific and Artistic Based Research creating Knowledge for Production«

Consulting and Concept
User-Interface (UX/UI)
Technical Support

Through the visual identity the research institution PABR receives a trademark with a digital platform, which offers a functional communication basis to present their research results. Precise, powerful and clear, the brand, composed of capital letters and graphically abstract research areas, collects surrounding and participatory elements. The brand accumulates these objects in order to translate them into research papers for application and to »hand« them over to the public as well as to other research institutions: It characterizes a research principle.

The content is handed over through the digital interaction surface of the website, which can be adapted in its information density through interaction. Internally, the system offers the research group the function of providing basic texts with further information, examples, and details, and to offer these in parallel via the interface in the usual reading flow and, if desired, to have them displayed by the user.

This results in an intelligent interaction potential of the research results in the content of the text materials. An internet portal of a research institution that enables three-dimensional text comprehension for the application of the results by third parties.

»Between 2011 and 2018 two cultural institutions and two universities in Hamburg have teamed up for an experiment in the growing field of artistic and art based research: Within the programmes Assemblies: Participation (2012-2014) and Performing Citizenship (2015-2017) they explored forms and formats of research in between art, academia and society that was meant to include not only artists and researchers but also members of other communities, such as kids, neighbours, activists, citizens and non-citizens of different backgrounds.

More than 30 research projects have been conceived and conducted to interweave participatory research, participatory art and cultural studies into a methodology that forms what could be called the Hamburg School of Participatory Art Based Research.

Ways and formats of research developed within these projects have now been documented, analysed and evaluated by a transdisciplinary team of researchers.

(…)« (Source HCU/PABR Hamburg)


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