Berlin & Stuttgart, 29.8.2013
Concept and bookdesign of the National Youth Ballet Hamburg

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Client: Hamburgische Staatsoper GmbH &
Bundesjugendballett John Neumeier

»Being a company without a permanent stage, the National Youth Ballet is challenged to seek its venues each time. Therefore, the eight dancers perform in schools, hospitals, nursing homes and prisons, but also in theaters and festivals all over Germany.«
John Neumeier, 2013

The typography and dramaturgy of this book dance hand in hand. Pictures in their assigned positions create space through a conscious disregard of boundaries—a graphical choreography that showcases principal projects and artistically compelling events. These are documented in a purposeful order, in a dance-like interplay between format, font and photography. The book conveys an overall impression of freedom, movement and vigor. It is a choreographed documentation of the National Youth Ballet’s enthusiasm and diverse repertoire during the 2011/12 and 2012/13 seasons.

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