Stuttgart, 15.10.2013
Trade fair design
»microworks – high precision structures«

Design & Construction

Microworks produces high-precision microstructures for many applications, particularly in the field of x-ray computed tomography, and for the nanotech world. While this company’s products can be seen with the naked eye, their purpose is not easily discerned.

Our design serves as a space where concepts like »precision«, »aspect ratio«, »scale«, and »proportion« may be explained, where a dialog about microworks’ identity and range of services may take place.

The exhibition booth centers on a gleaming 3 x 3 mm² gold microstructure fabricated by microworks, illuminated by a high-performance LED and suspended in air. This clearly delineated display establishes a relationship to the products with no need for any digital or simulated magnification of the microstructures. Visitors step into a softly dimmed room and intuitively grasp the perfection necessary for the fabrication. Atop a tall, slender column there floats a brightly gleaming microstructure. Its fine details and delicate finishing can be seen with the naked eye. The work involved in creating such high-precision microstructures becomes authentically and clearly explainable — it is micro-architecture, and it is special, perceptible, evident and exciting.

Client: microworks GmbH Karlsruhe

Concept & Design:
Valentin Kirsch, Marc Engenhart
Detail construction & photography:
Steffen Müller
Construction: David Laukner
Electronics & light: Andreas Ruff
Installation »Particle«: Nils Bennett

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