Stuttgart, 20.3.2020
Visual Identity
CL Kulturvermittlung (Arts Management)

Connecting cultures, recognising and networking cultural workers, managing activities, overlooking diversity and quality and translating these into functional project planning are fundamental elements of cultural management.

The purely handmade visual identity that has been developed uses a dynamic handwritten form. A calligraphically generated juxtaposition of two corresponding surfaces coming into contact.

In their respective abstractly conditioned artistic expression, the cultural work continues in the space between the objects. The sign becomes an agile, activating interplay of a beginning mutual exchange – a collegial expression inspired by the respective opposite quality.

As an inspiration, the sign stimulates cultural creation, cultural exchange and the development of cultural projects and is unique in the competition of companies in the field of cultural management.

As the company’s business activities in the coming years will focus particularly on the exchange with international cultural industries, the papers offer a third line for this as a culture-specific level in communication. This then translates the claim in the national language itself.


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