Stuttgart, 12.1.2020
Internet presence (relaunch)
Arthouse Filmtheatre Stuttgart

Project management
Digital conception
Interaction design
Information design
Interface (UI/UX)
Installation and technical support

> Digital Presentation of the new User Interface Design.

After almost a decade, the Arthaus Filmtheater’s website opens up to a new decade with a completely new visual design.

The digital information portal, which can be administered globally by the film theatres admins themselves, uses an intelligent system that allows the daily changing international film programmes to be curated and integrated precisely and in great detail. In addition, Arthaus’ presence offers the functionality to expand its core competence and to communicate it digitally.

Since the beginning of Arthaus Filmtheater, films have been curated, discussed and translated into a film program that has won many awards. Until now, this extraordinary competence has not been translated into a charming interface.

Now it is possible for the curators of Arthaus to catalogue the film programme directly with commentaries and personal film recommendations, empathic contexts and classical genres and to make them available to the audience in an ordered interface.

The new website merges digital computer-assisted assistance systems in customer care and information transfer with the quality of having more time for direct contact between Arthaus staff and curators and their valued audience. This Arthaus has always been an important person to person contact gets an extended communication through the new digital presence.


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