Stuttgart, 14.9.2021
Visuelle Identity and media
Bundesforum 2021 –
Bündnis für Freie Darstellende Künste
Fons Darstellende Küste e.V.

Animation & Film
Accessable design (inclusive)
Branding & logo
Consulting & concept
Digital Design
Digital accreditation system
Festival media
Szenography consulting & temporary signage
Technical consulting for digital systems

»The Bundesforum is a German joint event of the Fonds Darstellende Künste and the Bundesverband Freie Darstellende Künste. Representatives from cultural policy, art and funding practice will come together for three days of dialogue and joint stocktaking on the new start of culture – analogue at the Radialsystem in Berlin and digital on the net. What does art need in the crisis? What beyond?«

»About the Bundesforum 2021.« Bundesforum 2021. Fons Darstellende Künste e.V., August 16, 2021. 

The following text was read by Sivan Ben Yishai during the Federal Forum 2021. He relates the developed visual identity with his words of his perspective also for the design so well that we would like to reproduce it here in excerpts.

»Sivan Ben Yishai, PROBERAUM. THE
PARADOX OF CHANGE, translation from English by Tobias Herzberg on the occasion of the Bundesforum 2021

This text was written for a conference at which artists and cultural politicians will come together for three days to discuss the independent theatre and performance scene in Germany. The situation it describes – that meeting and its expected dynamics and results – is therefore a concrete one that will take place in Berlin in September 2021. Nevertheless, the text can also be read as a description of an imaginary, hypothetical situation, a situation that could occur in any conceivable place, in any other constellation. (…) Which brings me directly to this conference, to this space. The topics, the list of speakers, the range of perspectives, the ample time taken to listen and discuss in this particular forum. We are here to dissect the now and imagine tomorrow. To stop the machine and examine the mechanism. To come together to gather knowledge, understand the present, and ponder the future. In theory, this place is a place of »long-term« thinking, the place of this “»we«. (…) And so back to the »nucleus« – the space we share here. It is quite easy to see the complexity of the tensions at work in it. The tension between art and bureaucracy, between artists and institutions, between powerlessness and power, between innovation and fixed structures. Between generations, between different kinds of vulnerability, between unequal degrees of privilege. (…) I believe that getting closer to this space and to the power dynamics that shape it will eventually lead us to the core of the institutional problems we are all gathered here today to talk about. Here we will come closer to understanding how structural racism and sexism play out. This is where we might reform old ways of distributing money. Where the bullying we know from rehearsal rooms and directors’ offices could be openly discussed. Where we could finally find the hammer that Brecht desperately tried to talk about in this whole lecture, a hammer that offers society new forms instead of being its simple-minded imitation. In this way, we might learn to deal with the »tools of domination«, because in the end: they are the only thing we have.»

Yishai, Sivan, Ben. PROBERAUM. DAS PARADOX DER VERÄNDERUNG. 2021. Publication Transformationen, Positionen zur Veränderung der Kunst- und Kulturlandschaft aus Kunst, Politik und. Journalismus, 133-125. Berlin: Fons Darstellende Künste e.V.


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